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In fact, the department hopes to snag even more vendors, projecting a 23 percent noncompliance rate by the end of 2017. But if the goal is to reduce sales to minors, why is the department looking to entrap more vendors? Shouldn't the department want to become a deterrent, inspiring retailers to look more closely at IDs when peddling smokes? It seems these compliance checks have more to do with revenue seeking and less to do with smoking cessation. People are buying fewer tobacco products already. This means sales tax receipts are down. If voters won't approve new taxes—a perk of Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights is that it empowers voters to refuse additional levies—then local governments will have to find new and creative ways to generate revenue, such as employing the Marlboro Mob to shake down vendors for fines. Under Colorado law, selling cigarettes to underage buyers carries a potential fine of $15,000. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue website, its tobacco enforcement division conducts approximately 2,500 retailer checks per year.

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