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Vapor is good. Battery was long lasting. The starter kit has a 3 cart trial pack of regular, light, and regular menthol. I have sent it back for the 30 money back guarantee and have now purchased (and am keeping) a Johnson Creek model.The cig-a-like is exactly what it sounds like - an e cig battery that resembles a cigarette. If you're looking for an easy to conceal e cig that won't stick out in a crowd of smokers, then this might be a great fit for you, but if you prefer to customize your experience, well, then keep reading. Different brands of cig-a-likes might look alike, but it doesn't mean that they share the same specs. Here's what you need to keep in mind while perusing your options.The cigarette it's self is ok.Customer service is the pits. You cannot talk to anyone on the phone and we ordered replacement batteries and cartridges. We did not receive the batteries, but atomizer instead. I have had the hardest time trying to get this resolved, and still haven't.I hate that you cannot talk to anyone on the phone and ask questions. This is new to me and not even sure if we were using correctly. We did get some cartridges that seemed to be empty. They told us that there was no way and just turn them around. Flavor of the natural tobacco is good.The cigarette tasted nothing like I'd remembered. I actually used to like this? You know, they say that you lose your sense of taste when you smoke. In my case, it happened so slowly that I didn't believe it. I taste my food just fine, thank you very much.”

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