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It is based on its predecessor line of Simple Smoke Pumps known for being reliable, easy to install, smoke systems that don't require pressure tapping, complex plumbing, mechanical valves or servos. Also used by top scale and aerobatic competitors , TME pumps are what the pro's use.The newest addition to this list (added 3/20/15), ANML e-liquid started popping up at a bunch of vaping suppliers and was highly recommended by visitors here and elsewhere, so I decided to give it a try. They only have two flavor choices so far, but boy is it good! Looper tastes exactly like a bowl of Kellogg's Fruit Loops and is definitely their best option. It's a perfect balance of fruit, cereal and milk. Yum! Even though I'm not a fan of licorice candy, I really enjoyed Carnage as well - a tasty Red Vine Licorice flavor. From ANML Vapors:The next area contains equipment crates from the ISV-Kran and steps going down into an underground area. Go first behind the crates at the far left to collect two clusters of 40 Tarydium Shards, then go down the steps and enter the corridor beyond. The corridor leads you round to a balcony above a large underground room. A SkaarjGunner with a Dispersion Pistol will see you from below; kill it with a quick weapon like the ASMD, but stay on the balcony (if you fall off, there's a lift back up). Then, take a look around the room from your position on the balcony.The next class of e cig is an eGo named for the first of its kind made by JoyeTech. It's like a manual mini cig but thicker and longer. While the power rating for a cigalike is usually up to 280 mAh, eGos start at 350 mAh with a more conventional low of 650 mAh and a high of 1600 mAh.

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