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In this Dispatch file photo, a customer uses a vaporizer at 1810 Vapors in Starkville. Starkville aldermen recently added electronic cigarettes and similar products to the city Perkins introduced in early September, prohibits "vaping" in the same areas where smoking is banned -- including at most restaurants and businesses. Vaping is inhaling vapor produced by heating a liquid "juice," in e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. The juices can contain nicotine in varying amounts.   The Perkins' amendment was met with concerned opposition from the staff of 1810 Vapors, a vape shop on Stark Road, who contended that the ban, which prohibits smoking in most indoor public areas except for designated smoking bed and breakfast, hotel or motel rooms and private clubs, would seriously hamper the way they could do business. Josef Enfinger, the business' owner, said that prohibiting smoking in his business would prevent customers from testing out their personal vaporizers before purchasing them and his staff from helping customers with troubleshooting issues with their equipment.  Carver said his amendment will likely be on the agenda for the board's Oct. 17 meeting. It will require at least one public hearing. City attorney Chris Latimer said aldermen could choose rather to move forward with a vote after one public hearing or two, as is custom for ordinance amendments.  For Carver, the exemption is a compromise between protecting public health in public areas and not harming local businesses.  "I don't want to see vaping or cigarettes anywhere that might be an eating establishment or anything like that," Carver said. "But I think it's anti-business to tell them they can't do that in their facility."  The exemption would only apply to standalone buildings because smoke, or chemicals from it, from businesses in multi-tenant storefronts might filter to neighboring business spaces through the air conditioning system.  Carver attempted to introduce the motion Tuesday, but it failed when Mayor Lynn Spruill broke a 3-3 tie against it. Carver gained support from Ward 3 Alderman David Little and Ward 5 Alderman Patrick Miller.

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